Poly Compression Fittings


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Poly Compression Fittings for Water, Wastewater or Irrigation.

Poly compression fittings provide a pressure rated, full restrained, insert-less mechanical compression or NPT connection for water, irrigation and sewer applications. Pipe sizes include IPS (OD) HDPE pipe SDR7.3 to SDR17, Sch40/80 PVC with SS Grip Ring Adapters and CTS (OD) PE pipe SDR9 & 11, PEX tubing (cold water only) and Copper Tubbing with SS Grip Ring Adapters.

  • Rated to 200 PSI @ 23ºC (73ºF) Working Pressure.
  • Available in IPS and CTS sizes
  • No chance of corrosion
  • Excellent for a connection where fusion is not possible or for repair.
  • Does not require equipment to install.
  • Certified for potable water use.
  • Polypropylene NSF 61 UV Stabilized
  • IPS Sizes - ASTM-F714 / D3035 / D-1599-99
  • CTS Sizes - ASTM-D2737 / D1248 / CSA B137.1 
  • ISO 9002 Certified

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