Shurjoint Mechanical Fittings for HDPE


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Shurjoint Mechanical Couplings and Flange ends for IPS HDPE Pipe.


The Shurjoint Model H305 HDPE couplings feature four bolt housings and a series of sharply machined teeth which positively grip the pipe as the coupling bolts and nuts are tightened.  The result is a leak-tight joint that is as strong, or stronger than the pipe itself.  The H305 also features a contoured housing with integral ramps along the outside diameter to help the coupling slide over most obstacles during the relocation of pipe runs.


The Shurjoint Model H307 HDPE transition coupling provides for a fast, easy and direct transition from HDPE pipe and or fittings to grooved end steel pipe (IPS).  The H307 couplings feature a four bolt housings and a combination of sharply machined teeth and a key section to form a leak-tight seal when secured to both pipes.  Like the H305 the H307 also features a contoured housing with integral ramps along the outside diameter. 


The Shurjoint Model H312 HDPE flange adapter provides for the direct transition from HDPE pipe or fittings to ANSI class 125 or 150 flanged components.  The H312 can be rotated for fast and easy bolt alignment prior to tightening.  The gasket seals both on the outside of the pipe and to the flange face providing a leak-tight seal when secured in place.

  • Since the physical strength of the Shurjoint HDPE couplings is much greater than HDPE pipe, working pressures are governed by the working pressures of the HDPE pipe, which vary depending on pipe composition, wall thickness and service temperatures.
  • HDPE couplings are not intended for use on PVC, PP or other materials.
  • Shurjoint recommends the use of a silicone based lubricant for the HDPE series. Do not use the Shurjoint standard
    lubricant, which is designed for steel pipe use. Do not use hydrocarbon based oils, grease or soap based solutions
    either as this could lead joint failure.
  • Excellent for a connection where fusion is not possible or for cutout and repair of the HDPE pipe section.
  • Does not require large fusion equipment to install except for standard hand tools like wrenches, sockets and torque wrench.
  • Ductile Iron Housing to ASTM A536, Gr. 65-45-12 and or ASTM A395, Gr. 65-45-15, min. tensile strength 65,000 psi (448 MPa).
  • Orange color painted or red RAL3000 color painted. Electro-zinc plating or Epoxy coated in red RAL3000 or other colors available upon special order/request.
  • Standard with Grade "E" EPDM gaskets. Grade "T" Nitrile gaskets available and must be requested at time of quote/order.
  • Grade “O” Fluoro-Elastomer, and Grade “L” Silicone, etc. are also available upon special order/request.

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